Consignment Schedule at The Loft

January 1st to 15th - No Consignment during this period except prom dresses.

January 15th through May 31st - Spring items including: capris, jeans, short-sleeve tops, light weight jackets

February 15th through June 30th - Summer items including: tanks, shorts, sandals, summer dresses

July 15th - August 30th - Short formal dresses

July - Getting ready for fall; no consignment except short formal dresses

August 1st - Fall items which includes: Jeans, Pants, Long sleeve shirts, light weight jackets, tall boots

September 15th through December 31st - Fall and Winter items which includes: Sweaters and Winter coats

Long Prom Formal Dresses are accepted December 1st - March 15th.

Mens - follows the same as listed above except we DO accept Jeans and long sleeve dress shirts year round

Our goal is to make you as much on your items as possible. The "How to Consign" and schedule is to be used as a guide for what we will take at certain times of the year. Based on inventory and how items are selling, we may adjust the schedule and items we take.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions here.
or call us 515-232-9053.